I just wonder how much it’s enought…Now, after no sleep…I started to think I can still take it. I’m just so tired I don’t want to fight with me now. I wouldn’t be able to win. But I think I already lost what I had left…that was my present for 6th December. I just hope someday I will understand that it just wasn’t for me…and never will be. I knew that from the begining but I couldn’t stop hoping. That’s why I lost so much, that’s why I lost myself. And still I’m happy that I lived it… And I hope I will have that feeling all my life. I don’t want to regret this..Not this!


2 gânduri despre “Thoughts

  1. when u’re fighting yourself, there will never be another winner. it’s just that you do not agree with all of it. or all of you.

    who knows?


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