1 month

I don’t even know what I want to say now…I really drank too much beer tonight. And somebody called me a coward, and he’s right. So, next sunday….whatever will be, will be…


4 gânduri despre “1 month

  1. next sunday zici? 🙂
    well, i wish you have a sunday morning feeling ‘till than. although, with all the rain you get there, it will be everything up to the sun in your chest, my darling.
    miss you lots.

  2. Well, thank you for that, but really…i missed rain these days. Only today I got to feel some…and it was…wet:)). Thanks God that I will seem to have lots of rain these days..
    And yep…next sunday, is karaoke time:d I can’t excape anymore. Any suggestions?
    Miss you too.

  3. i don’t know of ideas, but i’ll have my fingers crossed for you. will it be a dream come true or just a fear passed over? maybe you should change the angle.. coward:))
    miss you, darling. and maybe they have that romanian song, „nu te mai iubesc.” maybe you can bring them the quitar and sing them..

    du nat nau. but u’re great and if you’re there, there is no karaoke in the whole world that could make you step back.

    >:d< i don't make myself very clear, do I?

  4. Both: a dream come true and a fear passed over 🙂
    No, they couldn’t have that song, they don’t have many songs I wanted, even if the list is looong, more that 5000 songs. And of course, karaoke is without u’re guitar….
    I’m not great, and I know that, but…well, nobody says I have to be great at this. I will just try, once..

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