I know

E trist sa vezi ca dupa ani in care crezi si simti ca e tot, nu mai ramane nimic. Nimic…

Sper doar ca inseamna ca e loc pentru ceva nou. Asta e cauza pentru tot ce se intampla acum…Nu-i asa?!

Si totusi, e trist…

„Who will love you? who will fight?

And who will fall, far behind…”

And now I know the answer….

Don’t give me love…

„-O sa ma uiti?”


„But I love him”. „So, love him. And let go”. „But I miss him..”. „So miss him. Send him love and light everytime you think of him. And than just let go…”


I badly wish I could do that…That would save me, nothing else will…

Will you forget the way we used to just stay close to each other, watching the snow flakes dancing in front of us? How about all the songs we listened and loved, together? Will you try to forget all the songs played on the guitar? Won’t you miss all the kisses, that made us feel one…Will you try to forget the way I used to tremble in your arms at your littlest touch? Will you deny all the memories, trying to make you believe that nothing happened? Can you tell me that *** was not made for our love, was not there just for us to happen? You gave me love, won’t you ever give me truth?

Did our love said no?